Is microblading suitable for blonde women?

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Many naturally blonde people have very light eyebrows that are sometimes hard to see without makeup.

The good news is: Even in these cases, a microblading treatment is perfect for filling in the eyebrows and enhancing them! Whether you have super light eyebrows, your brows are thinning, or just aren't the right shape, microblading can help.

At Swiss Happy Brows, we only use organic pigments of the highest quality, non-toxic, non-caustic and non-irritating in our studios in Zurich and Lucerne. Together we will select the right color to match your skin and hair color. Colors that are two to three tones darker than the natural hair color are ideal for women with blonde hair.

In our gallery you will find some examples of our work. Please feel free to arrange a free consultation where we will explain to you how we can beautify your eyebrows.

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