Difference between microblading and permanent makeup

Beauty care requires more and more investment. There are new technologies that can completely change the way you think. Some of these aim to create something more permanent, such as microblading and permanent makeup. But what exactly do they do?

Well, that is our topic today. However, before we get into that, we need to understand that many of these technologies have only recently appeared on the market. They are of course not dangerous, but there are not so many establishments that offer this. It is necessary to find a specialized store.

Today we will learn more about microblading and permanent makeup. We'll talk about their key differences and when each is most beneficial for your goals.


What is Microblading?

It is a technique that is often confused with micropigmentation. However, they differ in some important aspects. Microblading takes longer, in sessions that can last up to 2 hours. It is also more delicate, which appeals to many people.

The goal is to perform the entire action very calmly, stroke by stroke. So the application of ink to the skin is necessary. Another difference between micropigmentation and microblading is that the former is not done manually.

Here we have an action that may be interesting for people looking for easier results. Thanks to its precision and manual application, it makes all distances easier. A crucial point is that this is a semi-permanent technique as retouching is required at regular intervals.

And what is permanent makeup?

Well, here we have a new technology, but with a lot of potential. Not everyone likes it, but it is certainly very successful. It is based on the idea of tattoos. That is, it uses a type of pigment that attaches to the skin.

As a rule, they are hypoallergenic and also inorganic. Of course, due to the need to stay on the skin, it is essential that they have these properties. The ultimate goal of all this is to make the features of your face more beautiful.

The technique can be used on different parts of the face. It is also recommended to eliminate some imperfections due to scars, for example. This helps prevent the need for retouching or forgetting about it.

Applying the technique to eyebrows is the most common. It works stroke by stroke and tries to make the “hair” look as natural as possible. The application takes place with a device. The demographer has a pigmentation needle at the tip.

What is the difference between permanent makeup and microblading?

Well, as you have seen, there are some points that are easy to highlight. The first is that microblading is not permanent, while permanent makeup pursues this goal as it simulates tattoos but still has a shelf life of up to 3 years. Microblading has good adhesion but still requires more frequent touch-ups.

In addition, when we talk about makeup, we must understand that there are many options. It's not just to make something permanent in the eyebrows. Other facial changes are also completely possible.

Care of permanent make-up

Well, permanent makeup is a pretty complicated topic. Because it can completely change your face for up to 3 years. The real problem is that the costs can be high if you are not happy with the result.

Since the pigmentation is carried out firmly, there is always difficulty in reversing it. Pigment removal can cause problems! Therefore, you must first decide what you are looking for.

Not to mention, you should look for someone who specializes in this. After all, you will be wearing makeup on your face for about 3 years. On the other hand, we have the great advantage of not having to worry about it for a long time!

How much is it?

The price is not easy to define. It depends where you go. Each permanent make-up session can cost up to CHF 500.00. Additionally, these sessions can last approximately 50 minutes due to the different areas of your face that may be affected by this process.

The average price for microblading is also in the range of CHF 500.00. Something they have in common. However, when it comes to spending, it's important to understand that they have different refresh periods, so you may save more on one than the other.


Can you now tell the difference between the two techniques? Decide which one you want for your face. Both are great, but each has its advantages.

But remember that permanent makeup requires a big decision and the trust of professionals.

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